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Janie McGee


Janie McGee


My studio, J. Louise Studio, creates fine art, paintings, handmade, mixed media, and self published books. I have been a professional artist for 46 years documenting black history and lifestyle through painting, handmade, and mixed media. I have a Bachelor of Fine Art. My art is in facilities, colleges, and collections national and nationally. I have authored 24 books. My love for history, humanity, and spirituality is a focus for work.


My goal is to create colorful fine art from history to inspire the heart, soul, and spirit to be emotional inspires to change and press for our better tomorrow's.

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Ruby Bridge

I created this work of art to reflect the actual events that took place the day Ruby went to school during segregation.

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The Real Betty Boop Baby Esther Jones

The original Betty Boop was Baby Esther Jones. Her character was stolen by local actress and advanced to the cartoon character. She was given recognition for her talent until recently as history of her has been corrected.

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Janie McGee

United States

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Blackbirds Nina Simon

Nina Simon's beautiful voice brought a whole new meaning to the struggle and advancement of black women in music. Her ability to sing and tell our story made her an icon and a legend.

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Strange Fruit Billy Holiday

Billy Holiday is a legend and musical icon. Her song "Strange Fruit" caused her to be arrested and harassed for creating it and performing it. In 1937 a law was presented in congress to stop failed. Her activism on stopping the lynching of blacks is a key pivotal moment in our history. This piece with the lyric crested like a breeze and the black bodies swing from the poplar tree reflects the intensity of her song and the struggle of 400+ years in America.

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