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Here's A Special Thank You Gift!




We'd like to give you this free download, just for taking the time to submit your work.  "Video Marketing Simplified"  Just click the PDF download icon.


Now, Art Impact™ International, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides exhibition opportunities for artists to show work in high-quality spaces, like the beautiful Pepco Edison Place Gallery in Washington DC.  We promote the artists and the exhibition which includes spectacular receptions, artist talks, refreshments and catalog publications when possible.  This time around we may, in fact, be able to put together an exhibition catalog if you and the other artists don't mind contributing to its production.


We extend our best efforts to promote and market you with video, social media, press releases, and more. We provide you with tools to boost and showcase your talent  This will only strengthen your creative career.  We want to help you shine, not add to their financial stress. Still, Art Impact™ International, Inc. runs primarily on contributions from artists and sponsors.  


This is the page where you can make your financial contribution.  Click on the "Donate" image above and share what you can.  Any contribution to the Facets exhibition would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much for your participation.

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