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Telagio Baptista

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Telagio a native Northern Californian, now residing in Omaha, NE His passion for art began as a gifted child winning national awards in high school, and a scholarship to Art Institute and finishing with a BFA from California College of ARTS and Crafts. He also worked in numerous leading advertising agencies as an Art Director and owned a design studio in Hawaii, winning his share of design awards along his creative path.

At a youthful age, Telagio was also a performing concert violist and concertmaster for a symphony. This is why watercolor painting was a master's medium of choice for him to pursue and the the very challenge that inspired him.


Telagio is portrait, figurative, and cityscape artist while using various atmospheric painting techniques. His paintings reflect a strong influence of color harmony, limited palette, and te use of negative space. This allow his paintings to "breathe", depending on the subject matter. Telagio tells a story through his paintings which is simialr to a writer telling a story with words.

He has been blessed and grateful for the recognition of numerous award-winning diversified watercolor paintings honored to him at international, national, and regional juried art shows.

Telagio Baptista

Telagio Baptista

United States of America

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