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Sheldon Goldman

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


I am trained as a scientist and when it comes to art history and artistic techniques, I am primarily self-taught. I perfected watercolors from 1978-1992 and I honed my acrylics on canvas from 1992 to present. I have sold my works over the years to various private collectors in North America and I have won various awards. The two I am most proud of was the International Exhibition of the Louisiana Watercolor Society in New Orleans(1992) and Salon International in Jackson Mississippi(1994). I have been painting full time since 2013 and my two areas of specialization are landscapes and surrealism. I have included here 3 surrealistic pieces which showcase endangered animals.


Writers express themselves by writing and I express myself with my art. When asked why I paint, my answer is "because that's what I do". Art and painting in front of a canvas represents total freedom for me. I have striven to create art which conveys freshness, luminosity and depth. One of the ironies of my art career is that I am color-blind. Over the years I have adjusted the realism I use in my paintings according to people's reactions. I love to create art that tells a story or has lots of symbolism and I hope the viewers will enjoy my three submissions.

Sheldon Goldman

Sheldon Goldman


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