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Seth Ruggles Hiler

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


Seth Ruggles Hiler is influenced by the nature and communities of his surroundings, whether in NYC or traveling beyond. He creates and records connections to people and place through his oil paintings, striving to inspire unity among humanity and bring to light the importance of conserving the earth in this critical time. The artist received his MFA from the NY Academy of Art and BFA from Syracuse University. He is the Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at Bard High School Early College Manhattan and is currently the Artist in Residence at Bushwick Abbey in Brooklyn. Seth is proud to have shared his work at institutions and galleries throughout the US and in Canada and to be represented by Leonides Arts NY.


Seth Ruggles Hiler defines his work as "abstract realism". Each image is based on something real, whether painted from life or from other documentation, but each is abstracted, for as he believes, that is what painting does. It breaks down form into more limited shapes, colors, tones and gestures. When puzzled together, they can build back up into something understandable. When layered, the hiding and seeking of imagery allow for so many possibilities. Hiler may know his sources, as they are his experiences and observations, but he is hopeful that each viewers' takeaway varies, and may even be different every time one witnesses the image, so that the artist may leave behind an opportunity for an abstracted uncovering and a connection to what is real.

Seth Ruggles Hiler

Seth Ruggles Hiler

United States of America

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