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Rashmi Agarwal

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


An Art Entrepreneur, a designer and Artists, Rashmi Agarwal is a Founder and Chairperson of the Qatar based WLL Company-MAPS International, living in the State of Qatar since 2004


Rashmi Agarwal, an Art Entrepreneur
Founder & President- MAPS International WLL
Board Member of SPIN-USA
Email :
Phone: (M) 00974-55603845
Instagram: @rashmiagarwal.maps
Facebook: https:/rashmigold

Major Achievements & Projects:
1) Best NRI Women Entrepreneur Award- 2019
2) Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands Award-2017
3) Club for UNESCO of Art & letters of Achaia Award-2018
4) Asia Pride Award-2018
5) Middle East Female Global Art Award Finalist-2017
6) SPANDAN Socio Global Award-2019;
7) President for Qatari Company- MAPS International WLL;
8) President for World Federation for Zervas Art Club-Qatar and West Bengal;
9) Chairperson and International director at Human Rights International Federation of India
10) Chairperson Qatar & International Director at Anti-Corruption Foundation of India
11) Board of Directors at Silk Painters International-U.S. A
12) leading as a Fashion Director of Qatar Foundation's cultural year full Project
-Bharat Vastram 2019;
13) Head of Qatar International Art Festival since 2018.
14) Associate Partner for Qatar Cultural & Literature Festival-2019
15) Part of Asian Cooperation Dialogue" (ACD) 2019-" Conference on Cultural Diversity -organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Qatar with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the title:
Culture: as a bridge to dialogue and understanding-2019

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"
An Art Entrepreneur, a designer and Artists, Rashmi Agarwal is a Founder and Chairperson of the Qatar based WLL Company-MAPS International, living in the State of Qatar since 2004. She is the Board member of SPIN, USA and holds positions in many sectors.
It's mesmerizing beyond words. Agarwal grew up in Kolkata-India, racking up degrees in Law, Economics and Finance. She lives in Doha, the capital city of Qatar from last 15 years. It is the wild beauty of her surroundings that inspires her designing and artistic world. Art is her ?rst love. Since child- hood, she has been highly engaged in visual art. Having groomed up in an educated background with learned Parents creativity and Painting to her, represents meditation and very near to God and nature.
She is an experienced designer and master artist whose work gets consistently better from one art to the next to rely on inspiration is to starve. She analyses every design she makes to ensure it is the best it can be. Artists need to have an intuition and eye for design that cannot always be taught and to be a successful artist and designer, fashion has to be your lifestyle. Her designer scarves are appreciated all over the world.
She believes each has something precious and special to give to all of us and many of her art has a spiritual quality with the power to heal hearts and spirits, if one is open to their message. All her art says some story and she believes that good art asks more questions than it answers. And so it is often in this clash between the architecture of man and the architecture of nature, where I gain most of my artistic inspiration. It is where the most compelling questions can be asked, and where the stories I wish my art to tell can most often be found.
It is adorable to see Rashmi at work; each stroke is the baton of a master conductor, harmonizing every aspect of her designs, patterns, textures, and colours, are all united to create a masterpiece. She adds: "With my art, I am giving a part of ME."

Rashmi Agarwal

Rashmi Agarwal


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