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Lisa Lee

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


New Jersey-born, Lisa Botto Lee is an American representational artist currently living and working in her South Florida studio overlooking the everglades. She is recognized for her portraiture, figurative and wildlife art and has achieved her own distinct style of narrative realism. Her mediums are oil, charcoal and graphite. Lee was born into a family of artists and is the fifth generation which traces its roots back to mural painters in Northern Italy. Her earliest artistic influence came from her parents whom she is grateful for conveying this wonderful passion of art. Lee has been the recipient of awards in regional, national and international competitions.


I am a representational artist and my subject matter is portraits, figurative and wildlife. Moved by the beauty of majestic creatures and humanity, I am driven to share a sensitive, perspective through my eyes. The mediums I work in are oil, charcoal and graphite.

Nearly hunted to extinction, the buffalo has earned its rightful place in America. Their importance cannot be undersold and their resilience inspired me to paint them.

The elk inspire me because of its beauty and elegance. They are some of the most influential animals that help promotes our ecosystem.

I am always amazed by powerful grizzlies who play an important role as seed dispersers and regulate prey populations.

May these perspectives enrich the trail at your feet.

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

United States of America

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