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Ann Tin

The Endangered, Can Art Save Them?

An International Art Exhibition

(November 7 through January 8, 2021)


I graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, now part of Tsinghua University. I took further studies at the College of Arts and Design in Columbus, Ohio. I taught at Hunan Normal University College of Arts as a professor. I also worked as a commercial graphic and fashion designer in several US cities in the early part of my career. Now, I'm a full time artist.


I love to celebrate life through painting with the bold use colors, shadows and lights to reflect life as I see it and as I feel it.
The scope of my paintings includes landscapes, figures, floral and still life. I prefer impressionistic styles as opposed to realistic ones. I seek uniqueness in the expression of arts and continue to evolve and expand my own language of arts. I hope my works will reflect my love of life and joy of living in this world and all it contains. I hope to evoke emotions in my audience who will only not see my paintings as a piece of canvas with colors but also with life coming out of it.
My works have been exhibited in Singapore, the US and Canada.

Ann Tin

Ann Tin

Canada/ born in China

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