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Q: How is the unsold work handled and returned to the artist who shipped the work to Colonial Beach?

A:  Art Impact International will re-pack and ship the work back to the artist in the same container in which the artwork was delivered, and send a reimbursement invoice for the shipping costs.

Q:  Do I have to produce a video on my own to be promoted?

A:  No.  However, if you do produce your own video you are welcome to send the .mp4 file to cgoodridge@artimpactinternational.  This will then be added to your personal web page and added to the scheduled queue of social media posts.

Q:  How long will the social media posts run?

A:  Three posts per day will run every day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, starting on October 1st and run through December 19th, 2019.

Q: If someone buys the art, do they take it home immediately? Or does it hang for the duration of the exhibit and they take it home once the exhibit is over?

A: Once a collector purchases your piece, it stays in the gallery until the end of the show, December 12th.  Then they can come back to the gallery and collect it...or you can take it home and ship it to them...or Art Impact can ship it or deliver it to them for a fee that they will bear.  These arrangements would be determined at the time of purchase. 


Q: During the entire exhibit time period, is it free to the public? And what hours can people come to view the exhibit?

A: The opening reception is free to the public.  The hours for the gallery are Tuesday through Friday, Noon to 4 PM.  Just to be on the safe side, call the gallery before you go since they may be holding a special event.  Ask for Anglattete Glymph or any one of her interns who have access to the gallery calendar  (202) 872-3396.

The Pepco Edison Place Gallery staff is very very small.  I've worked with them for over four years and I know their situation.  The good news is that it does remain a beautiful space to exhibit.  The bad news is they are understaffed. When Art Impact does a show there they are very happy because they know we have our ducks in a row and have a great turn out plus outstanding art on the wall. But it has happened that their online calendar may not be 100% up to date and groups have been turned away because some private event was happening.  So again, always call ahead or let us know you want to schedule your private group to see the exhibit.

Q: The artwork has to be available for sale, correct?


A: If you have reservations about selling a piece and it's been selected for the wall, just let us know and we'll just put that one in the catalog and video and not for sale on the website. It won't be included on the gallery wall for space and economic reasons.


Q: If I attend just the first event, the opening reception day, can I get the whole benefit of participating? 

A: This is the whole benefit of the exhibition that you will enjoy from the opening on November 8th to the end of the show on December 19th, 2019:

  • an individualized artist video (The individual artist video file will be both sent to you directly and uploaded onto the Art Impact YouTube channel with the link sent to them so they can immediately promote and share on social media. The production of this video includes working one-on-one with a video media marketing communications specialist.)  

  • a video with the entire group of CHROMA exhibiting artists  (YouTube link may be shared on social media to promote the exhibition in general.)

  • an individual webpage  (The artist individual webpage is produced on our website and link sent to you, also to promote and share on social media.)

  • a two-page spread in the CHROMA art exhibition catalog (One copy will be given to each exhibiting artist with additional copies available - to share with friends and family.)

  • art exhibition installation,  and de-installation in the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in Washington DC

  • opening art reception with live music and refreshments, A/V equipment for artist talks and presentations

  • free admission for you and one guest to the Fashion Show Party Fundraiser

  • closing art reception with music and refreshments, A/V equipment for artist talks and presentations

Q:  Can you suggest nearby hotels?

A:  The Monaco is great and right around the corner from the Pepco Edison Place Gallery, which is in Chinatown/Penn Quarter section of DC.  Also, check out this search results in Google.  Click here.

Q: What is a brand statement?


A: A short engaging narrative or story or tag line (for the video) regarding you as an artist, artwork or philosophy - especially if you have a branding tag line, or important message about why or what you do, etc. (40-50 characters maximum for each caption statement.)

Q: Is it essential to ship my artwork by or

A: No, it's not mandatory.  It was just a tip for your use if you need it.  Please feel free to choose whichever shipper you want. Since your work has such a long distance to travel, yes we appreciate your shipping it to us as soon as you can to make sure it gets here for the show's installation.  So, again, make sure it gets to Virginia by October 25th. 


Q: I can't make a video of my paintings until I get back to the States.

A: It is Art Impact International Media Productions who will do the production for you based on your submission.  Those are the images we will use along with some other images you provide. You are welcome to also produce your own video and we will add that to the queue of social media posts.

Q: Do I have to show up for any of the events?

A: It would be great to see you at least at the opening. This and any of the other events are significant aspects of your creative career. At these events, you will be in the company of your fellow artists and feel a comradery that you may not usually experience. It will help bolster your artist stature and expand your network of friendships and collectors. You don't have to speak, but standing up and saying a few words will give you good practice in speaking about yourself as an artist and the work you've done in the show. Don't forget, I'll have your artwork image projected behind you to keep you focused on that and not being nervous. No one can better represent your work than you.

Q: What if I don't have a website?
A: If you don't have a website, your Art Impact International web page or maybe your Facebook page if you have that, it will be used at the end of the video so viewers can read more about who you are, etc.

Q: Will there be any awards or certificates for the Chroma exhibition at Pepco Edison Place Gallery?

A: Yes, there will be cash, trophy, ribbon and certificate awards for this exhibition, 1st place ($500 + crystal award + ribbon), 2nd place ($250 + crystal award + ribbon), 3rd place ($100 + crystal award + ribbon)), and 4 honorable mentions (ribbons).  These will be awarded at the Opening Reception on Friday, November 8, 2019.  There will also be a crystal award for the artist who received the most views on their videos up to December 16 (Youtube and/or  Instagram). This Marketing Genius Award plus $50 will be awarded at the Closing Reception on Thursday, December 19, 2019.  Everyone in this show will also receive a digital certificate by the opening reception.  

Q:   What happens with the exhibition catalog if I don't attend the opening?  

A:  The exhibition catalog will be mailed to you if you do not attend the opening reception.

Q:  Do you have any advice on where I could go to get my pieces framed for a good price?

A:  You might find a great ready-made, standard size frame at Hobby Lobby or Michael's or A.C. Moore.  

Q:  What's the hanging system at Pepco Edison Place Gallery?

A:  Arakawa.  Click this link to see what that looks like:

Q:  What do I do with my MP4 artist video file?

A:  The MP4 files are for your upload to Instagram if you want.  Otherwise, you don't need it.  But it's always good to have your own video file for your record.  Use your YouTube link for the contest.  Or your Instagram stats for your uploaded file.

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