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Younes ansari

Born in 1983 in an art-loving family in Iran, I had a very diverse desire and taste in art and study. I started to paint and draw at the age of 8, and very soon at the age of 16, I started my professional career as an illustrator. I graduated with a B.A degree in English Translation course of study, and M.A in painting. But during all these years of work and study, painting was my love and teaching art was an inseparable part of my life which I tried to share my art with other art lovers. I have many printed books, and I took part in some group exhibitions and I staged some solo exhibitions in our own gallery. I love painting, art is my life.


Palette knife technique creates some pretty stunning effects or strokes on the surface of canvas which are not possible with a brush. Plus it’s great for building up a thick or thin texture which is able to challenge the two dimensioned plain surface of the canvas. Palette knife Artists do not paint as much accurate as a realistic painter. This quality leads the artist to paint a semi-representational or semi-abstract painting with vigorous gestural or personal expression. Such paintings in their most abstract parts could belong to the subconscious world (the inner world of the artist), rather than the real objective world, therefore it has links with Abstract Expressionism as well. Yet artists can make links with real-world by representing real objects and paint impressionistically. Meanwhile, the palette knife technique allows the artists to apply more colors to create a rainbow of colors. These two paintings which I exhibited in Chroma exhibition are from my collection about nomads in my country. I tried to paint the soul of nomadic life, especially nomad women, who make their life beautiful by colorful fabrics and multi-layered clothes.















-Younes Ansari

Alborz Province, Iran

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