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Rashad Ali Muhammad


Rashad Ali Muhammad is an artist, graphic designer and photographer residing just outside Washington, DC in Clinton, MD. Muhammad infuses his various creative talents into each new project he takes on. He has a knack for color and contrast making his work vibrant and bold without being overpowering. Muhammad encourages people to own and celebrate their uniqueness—reinforced by his motto, “Don’t Blend In, Stand Out.”


I strive to uplift and empower people through my art with my surreal approach to portraiture—vividly capturing the human spirit with the use of striking, unexpected colors in the faces of my subjects. I want people who admire my art to see themselves, which is why I steer away from realistic skin tones. My other signature technique is the use of gold leaf to frame those faces. It’s an approach that I first used to bring more exuberance and vibrancy to my work. Since I first used it I’ve gilded my subjects in long, swinging gold leaf braids, voluminous clouds of gold leaf curls, and coronets made of the paper-thin material.










Rashad Ali Muhammad

Clinton, Maryland

Rashad Ali Muhammad-RAM.jpg
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