Missy Buetow


My name is Missy Buetow. I love doing many sorts of paintings with oil and acrylic mainly. I will mix it up once and a while and do watercolor painting.I am someone who loves animals and who loves to be outside in nature. I find natural beauty so beautiful. I try to capture the colors that you don't see with a camera in my paintings. I do a lot of animal pictures because I find animals to be so innocent and precious. I love to do a picture over a blurred background because that keeps the viewer guessing where the animal is without defying it for them.


My inspiration is nature and animals I love being around it all and I love showing the beauty in my paintings. My preference for media choice is acrylic on canvas but I also use oil paint a lot to.












- Missy Buetow

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


"Roaming Tiger" by Missy Buetow


"Underwater Thrills" by Missy Buetow


"Elephants Never Forget" by Missy Buetow


"Gorilla" by Missy Buetow


"Zebra" by Missy Buetow


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