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Evy Wilkins


Evy Wilkins was born in Washington D.C. and has lived throughout the DMV area. Besides being a self-taught artist, she is a yoga instructor, tarot and oracle card reader, eclectic witch and single mom to two sons. She has had a love for art since she was a child, and in 2015 she decided to dive head first into it. She has received a few certificates from various Udemy online art courses, however, most of what she’s learned during her art career has been through trial and error. Her artwork explores abstract ideas of spirituality, symbolism and higher consciousness, through her eyes. Her art is mostly influenced by her spirit guides, meditation, her dreams, and old and new perspectives regarding witchcraft and the occult. When viewing her art, most viewers notice the perspective she creates regarding the “eyes”. In October 2018 Evy’s piece “Intuition” was featured in the 4th Annual Colorful Abstractions Online Juried Art Exhibition hosted by Fusion Art. Evy currently lives and creates art in Washington D.C. with her two sons.


I enjoy the transformative energy that takes place when I create a piece of art. It goes from being a blank canvas to something amazing. I’ve been an artist since I could remember, one of my favorite activities as a child was finger painting. No matter what has taken place in my life, I always feel myself being pulled back to creating some form of art. About 4 years ago, I had what is commonly known as a “spiritual awakening”. This “awakening” caused me to question everything in my life on a more heightened conscious level. My art work reflects my awakening. My goal as an artist is to share my perspectives through art about spirituality, symbolisms and higher consciousness. I create abstract art work that is meant to draw the viewers eyes in and elicit emotions, perspectives, ideas, or messages about their own lives by sharing mine. The inspiration for my artwork mostly comes from my spirit guides, my dreams, meditation and my personal perspectives about symbols and symbolism.


- Evy Wilkins

Washington DC

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