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emberly joi zellars


Born in Ohio, raised in Alabama, and currently based in Maryland, Emberly Zellars is an Acrylic Paint Artist. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Spelman College and is in the process of pursuing a Master's degree in Business Administration. Artistically, her focus is creating paintings that illustrate imaginary women of color, as well as commissioned cartoonistic portraits. Using bright tones, the purpose of her work is for uplifting, positivity, fun, innocence, peace, and above all: honesty. She draws her creative inspiration from her embracement of femininity, minority groups, and youthfulness.


Art is my safe space. It's a gift to the world, and even more-so a gift to me. Art takes me into a deep and private space, where it's just me and my Creator. Everything is quiet, everything is peaceful, everything is alright. And when I come out of that space and back into the world, everything literally is quiet, peaceful, and alright. With my art, I am able to create my own reality in a spiritual way. It has become a driving and spiritually protective force in my life, and has awakened my spirit to see life differently. I couldn't have asked for a better gift from God. And creating art, while going into that intimate spiritual space, is literally priceless.










-Emberly Joi Zellars

Laurel, Maryland

Emberly Zellars, 1.7.2019.jpg
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