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Diane Tuckman was born in Egypt, escaped to France in 1948, and then came to the United States. Diane came to America in 1959In 1978, Diane launched Ivy Imports to import silk painting products to the U.S. In addition to co-founding Silk Painters International, with Jan Janas, she teaches and exhibits her work, showcasing her experimentation with color and texture. With Jan Janas, she co-authored four books on painting on silk.

Diane paints on silk, she is a photographer and prints her photographs on silk. When she paints on various silks, the texture of the silk dictates the techniques to be used.
She transforms the silk into wall art, framed or unframed, wearables, yardage for fashion and home décor.


Every time I apply brush to silk, my heart skips a beat! Painting on silk offers endless possibilities. I am a silk artist - silk is my canvas of choice. The hallmark of my silk work spells texture and color. My inspiration comes through experimenting with composition and the manipulation of motifs. Visual illusion springs to life as the fabrics are layered. The endless possibilities of silk painting are a continuous challenge. Techniques explored in other mediums are fair game such as salt, layering etc. The various textures of the different silks and how they look when painted, encourages me to create interesting combinations. The process of waiting and watching the colors move on the fabric is exciting and unpredictable. Color, an essential element in silk painting, subliminally influences our perception of our environment and affects our mood.
















-Diane Tuckman

Lanham, Maryland

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