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Amanda Armstrong


This native Brit is an unlikely child of the Denver art scene and a fixture in the "RiNo" (River North Art District, Denver CO.) district, famous for her underground art projects as well as her commercial success shooting for ESPN, Showtime, and HBO. As a life long photographer, Amanda's unique vision and concepts straddle the lines of crunchy fantasy and guttural beauty. Initially a student of film, Amanda still interjects the unique drama of film into hers shoots, never shying away to direct a cast of characters in one single shoot.


I create organic stories and prefer my eye in the moment to choose the path the story wants to take. I collect vivid imagery from within, inspired by my life, and the world that impacts us. Then I use these images and turn them into my own interpretations. Some times these result in human studies, or fun crunchy fantasies. The realism in my projects is apparent in even my studio sets. I still believe in practical magic, and I save the post-editing just for my aesthetic. Elaborate sets from procuring many pounds of soil in January to creating plastic nests. Each series is a feast for the eyes in many ways.










-Amanda Armstrong

Brighton, Colorado

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