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Roxana Rojas-Luzon

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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I was born in Piura-Peru. I began to explore the art of collage when I first became pregnant. Toxic paint fumes could have harmed my unborn child. Glue and paper provided me the freedom to create.
Today, 19 years later, I continue to be fascinated by the art of collage, and use snippets of magazine paper, fabric, paper painted by my children or by myself, photographs, and anything that enriches the texture and color of my images. My inspiration comes from my family, having ten older sisters and brothers, traveling as a journalist around the world, and raising two girls. I render festivity, love, consolation, protection, and solitude in my abstract and representational artwork.

My main source of inspiration is my family. Every year when I travel to Peru during the summer break, there is at least one new member of the family: maybe a couple of new born, including grand-nephews. Family gatherings are always happy. We catch the energy of our children. They are always loud, run a lot and feel excited. When we get together, we celebrate than our children are growing safe and healthy, and wish the same for all children of the world. Back at home, with hundreds of photos in my camera all I want to do is to use them as inspiration to express different types of feelings, from nostalgia, loneliness and need of protection, to happiness and thankfulness.

Cousins Forever 2

Cousins Forever 2

Let's protect children's against those who want to take away their time to play, their dreams, their innocence, and creativity.

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister

Let's pray for all the children of the world to have a safe place to sleep.

Roxana Rojas-Luzon

Roxana Rojas-Luzon


More Cousins Forever

Let's protect the children because they are the future of humanity, and they should have the world at their feet now.

More Cousins Forever

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