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Nancy McIntyre

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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I am a business professor with a passion for art. I have studied art at major universities for 20 years. I began as a functional potter. My pieces reflected nature in both form and color. Three years ago I discovered acrylic painting. It has provided me with vibrant, colorful ways to express myself. I believe my painting reflect movement and joy.

When I was growing up, the rainbow was always associated with children. Over the years, it began to reflect diversity as well. As I considered a painting about "The Child Factor" I realized that there were no blacks or browns in a rainbow and thus, have created a better rainbow, with all of the colors, surrounded by a shimmering gold. Children are our golden future.

For my second painting, I considered the journey that children take through life, from where they are born, through a process of imagination, learning to read, and how that results in growth.

A Richer Rainbow

A Richer Rainbow

This rainbow goes beyond the traditional colors to include shades of brown and black and encases all of these colors in shimmering gold.

Nancy McIntyre

Nancy McIntyre

United States

Journey in a Child's Mind

This triptych reflects a child's journey from where one is born through a process of imagining, learning, and growing.

Journey in a Child's Mind

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