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Laura Farrell

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Laura is an award winning artist and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Salisbury University. Her love for the arts started at a young age when her parents allowed her to draw all over her yellow bedroom walls. Today she runs her own studio, LMI Studios. Her work can be seen all over the DC Metro area, as well as Florida and New York. Her company specializes in custom artwork, hand painted murals, and decorative finishes. In pieces from 'The Gold Collection', Laura has combined her love of gilding and decorative arts with her training in fine art.

Laura is also an accomplished musician and can be found throughout the year playing to audiences on her guitar or violin.

In these works for 'The Child Factor', I was immediately inspired by a selfie taken on my phone by a young person in my life. It was a 'surprise' selfie of a child and her dog which I was to find later in my photos. It was so innocent and fun and seemed to really showcase the playfulness of childhood. In the other pieces I gained inspiration from my other work, especially 'The Gold Collection' which uses gold leaf to create images that seemingly dance across the canvas. In each of these pieces there is a darker quality at play. The juxtaposition of playful images with haunting backgrounds touches on the lost innocence of childhood. For example, in 'The Tightrope Walker' we are holding our breath to see if the tiny elegant figure makes it across. The figures in these pieces are vulnerable and exposed and holding on tight.



This piece captures the playfulness of childhood. A silly selfie snapped by a child and her best friend which led to so much laughter. This piece is vibrant and youthful and inspires the child in all of us.



These children are playing in the dark, under the stars, hanging on tightly to their childhood. Children often grow up so fast, or are forced to before they are ready. The children are surrounded by darkness, they could be fearful. Instead they choose to focus on each other, their spirits shining bright gold.

Laura Farrell

Laura Farrell

United States

The Tightrope Walker

This piece highlights the vulnerability and strength of children. The delicate figure makes her way and we hold our breath while the path starts to give way under her feet. Despite the risk of what lies beneath she presses forward.
I think she will make it.

The Tightrope Walker

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