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Janie McGee

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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Janie McGee Fine Artist and Author. I have been a professional artist for 46 years documenting black history and lifestyle through painting, handmade, and mixed media. I have a BFA in fine art. My art is in facilities colleges, and collections national and nationally. I have authored 24 books. My love for history, humanity, and spirituality is a focus for work.

My art reflects the struggles, history, and reality of black life. My hope is to capture moments in time in my art that can provoke a dialogue about the future of humanity. My art is not always beautiful but it is truth. My desire is to have my work capture the past to help the journey we are all on to making our tomorrows better.

Black Eyes Suzie Tears

Black Eyes Suzie Tears

This piece depicts a young boy I painted from the 1900's sitting in despair from poverty.

Children's Hunger

Children's Hunger

I created this piece for an auction for an orphan home in Tanzania. The piece was sold to raise money for the Children's hunger project. I have canvas reproductions in hopes of sharing the plight of this issue with others.

Janie McGee

Janie McGee

United States

Children in Food Line

This piece depicts young children in line for food during the Arkansas floods 1927

Children in Food Line

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Portions of the proceeds will go to the Precious Gems charity.

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