Heidi Elizabeth Pollan

The Child Factor

An International Art Exhibition

(February15 through September 15, 2021)


I am a self taught artist who has been working over the last 25 years to improve my craft. I specialize in pencil drawings, watercolors, acrylic painting and mixed media work with feathers. My recent highlights include public arts works in the city of Little Rock, AR and the honor of participating in virtual shows with Impact Art International. My inspiration comes from the beautiful world around me of which I am daily joyful to be a part of.


Visual art has the power to create another level of connection between people and the subject matter. The human brain has an "out of sight out of mind" tendency. If you don't have children their needs can be forgotten. But they are an important part of our lives even if we don't have any under our care. My pieces, I hope, will remind us of the plights of some of the forgotten kids in the state of Arkansas. It is a place I hold dear to my heart and where there is great need.

Arkansas's Displaced

This piece is to bring awareness to the populations 2.8% that are homeless in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas's Unsatisfied

This piece is to bring awareness to the estimated 162,000 children that are hungry in the state of Arkansas.

Heidi Elizabeth Pollan

United States

Arkansas's Harrassed

This piece is to bring awareness to the 20% of students that report bullying in the state of Arkansas.


Please contact the curator:

 Carolyn Goodridge at cgoodridge@artimpactinternational.org

Portions of the art sale proceeds will go to these two charities. Click to learn more about their work.


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