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Dawn Leahay Staton

The Child Factor

International Art Exhibition

(February15 through November 15, 2021)

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My name Is Dawn Staton. I'm the founder of imagine Dawn LLC. Where we create customized abstract paintings and customized poetry. I'm married to my wonderful husband Harry and we have two children Devin and Carter. I also work as a Home care nurse.

My artwork is inspired by my poetry. My abstract paintings has a unique poem attached to them that describes each of my paintings and their purpose. My purpose of painting is to give me a creative outlet that I'm able to share with my community through positive reinforcement. I use acrylic paint for my paintings.

Footprints Across the Horizon

Footprints Across the Horizon

Every step full of grace not allowing your past to consume your present. Choosing to allow faith to guide your future. You are "Footprints Across the Horizon."

As children we're pushed forward into becoming thriving adults by learning from our mistakes and forgiving our past.

Dawn Leahay Staton

Dawn Leahay Staton

United States

Oshun the African Goddess

Passing through centuries with poise on display, marking her realm with grace and elegance. You are "Oshun the African goddess."

This piece inspires us all to stand tall and live life to the fullest. With our heads held high and uplifting others on our journey.

Oshun the African Goddess

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Portions of the proceeds will go to the Precious Gems charity.

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 Carolyn Goodridge at

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