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David Camero


David Camero is an Artist-Educator, mixed media painter and performer (actor and comedian)  originally from Caracas, Venezuela.  He graduated from the University Central, poet and passionate for the masks and La Commedia Dell'Arte.  Camero has participated in several solo and group exhibitions from 1980 to 2019, including Paris, France and Caracas, Venezuela. 


I have been an artist since I was a kid, looking to express feeling as an explosion of sensibilities. Drawing, painting, making collages, puppets, Art- ensembles and objects founded.  Imagining fantastic landscapes to creating my own world.  In Altagracia my parents’ town, during my early years, I won a second-place contest and had a precious time with several Masters instructors: Chepín López and A. Fernandez. They give me important tips & methods to improve my skills and always encourage me to continue to be a good painter. Looking during years of exercises my own style without style using mixed medias methods in special the collages. 


Later I studied in the school of Art at the University Central of Venezuela, but I finished with a BA Degree in Literature.  After a couple of years in Paris, France where I was moved to fallow the Ecole Jacques Lecoq, and also share with French’s painter's diverse shows.


When I come back to Caracas, Venezuela, I continued painting and acting. Trying to be involved around theatrical projects making set décors like artistic director.  Finally during the 90’s I found my own  entertainment  company:  TAI (Taller de Artes Integrales/Integrals Arts Studio ) and The Bouffon Co. always focus in find a relation between the visual arts and the divers artistic expressions.

David Camero

Washington, DC, USA

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

(3 - 5 PM)

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