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Rubab Zahra

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Rubab Zahra is a professional Calligraphy and Abstract artist. Her moniker styles of painting are Abstract Art as well as contemporary Calligraphy Art.

Rubab’s Abstract Artworks are mainly inspired by diversity in UAE, current events, social issues and cultural values; Mainly focusing on “Women and Family Empowerment '', Social Injustice and inequitable manipulation of resources.

Rubab aims to conserve the Sacred Art of Arabic Calligraphy; hence her work consists of traditional Islamic, Arabic art series and to connect it to the modern world she has developed modern and contemporary versions of it.

Rubab has accomplished considerably well as a self-taught & self-representing artist. She has been recently interviewed by Sharjah Tv . Her painting was recently exhibited during the Mauritius international art fair,2022. She represented Pakistan and received the Art Connects Women Award 2022. She has also received “Al Zarooni Award,2021”. Her painting “Peace in our Hands” is selected to be in the permanent collection of “Haegeumgang Theme Museum, South Korea”. She has been featured on the Cover of WKND magazine in April ,2021. Her work has been featured locally and internationally in multiple media.

She has done 2 Solo Art Shows at Pullman, JLT, Dubai, UAE, in 2019 and 2021 and Exhibited her artworks locally and internationally.


My Artworks aims to provoke thoughtfulness for fellow humans who live destitute. I seek to draw attention of the privileged towards the underprivileged. Human rights are same for all regardless of social status.
I want to convey this message through my art that we should be considerate of others around us, we need to uplift and support the deprived in order to make this world a better place. We need to bridge the gap to build a beautiful future. The starting line for all of us is not the same. The dreams are not alike. The goals are not identical.

The Artworks symbolically represent the children in the privileged society aiming for the stars versus the destitute Children looking towards a plate full of food. For the Prerogative Children even the sky is not the limit but for poverty stricken children the story of life is altogether different, their big dream is to curb their appetite. Everyday is just a cycle and struggle from one meal to another, Even if they get lucky to feel full at any one time of the day they don't know from where the next meal will come. Their life is contained just around basic necessities of life , let alone reaching out to the stars, dreaming big or making a difference in society. The right to education is for all the children not for just the ones who can afford,
The artwork throw light on how the children of the same age in privileged society are in an academic environment while the other children are involved in child labor.

Original Art for Sale (benefitting Youth For Human Rights)
Links are active if product is available.
The Big Dream
Let Me Enlighten
Fine Art Prints for Sale (benefitting Youth For Human Rights)
Links are active if product is available.
The Big Dream
Let Me Enlighten
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