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Haitham M Alhamad

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Haitham Al-Hamad is interested in music and painting, his gifts appeared since childhood, especially oriental and classical music, and reading literary stories. His passion for art increased since 1988, when he began studying fine arts at Damascus University, where he realized the value of true art by studying deeply in art and delving into it. Haitham was greatly influenced by impressionism, and the emerging free color. He was deeply and strongly impressed by Van Gogh's expressive style.

He discovered the origins of fine arts and its techniques in his postgraduate studies in which he studied the art history of Syria extending back thousands of years, where he eventually turned to Islamic arts as they represent the Arab culture.

Later, during his stay in Qatar, Al-Hamad was able, to discover the techniques and media that helped him a lot in finding the ideal ways to express his vision and philosophy. Through his successive artistic practices, and his participation in many local and international exhibitions, Al-Hamad was able to obtain international awards.

The first award was from the London Biennale on Conceptual Art, this award was the culmination of his belief that he believed in since the beginning. He believes that art must have ideas, meanings, and human messages, that convey them to sight and insight. Art is not just a visual pleasure that ends with the end of this pleasure.

Haitham Al Hamad was born in Homs, Syria, receiving his Bachelor degree in 1992, and Graduate degree in Mural Painting in 1994. Al Hamad participated in various art and cultural fairs, as well as showcasing his art in many galleries in Syria, Qatar and international shows. Interested in Islamic painting, especially the Islamic miniatures. Haitham Al Hamad is currently residing in Qatar, working at the Doha Fire Station " Artistes in residence"

Winner --3rd place London Art Biennale 2017.
XIth Florence Biennale 2017 / Award jury Florence Biennale 2017
1st place ( conceptual art) London Art Biennale 2019.
Member of Qatar Fine Arts Associations.
Member of Syrian Fine Arts Associations.
Member of Americans for the Arts 2018.
Member of Fine Art America.
Member of NBAK Netherlands.


My work was a vision of what life would become in Syria after the people came out calling for freedom and democracy.

Graphic Shapes

Haitham M Alhamad


Original Art for Sale (benefitting Youth For Human Rights)
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Fauvism Style
Fine Art Prints for Sale (benefitting Youth For Human Rights)
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Fauvism Style
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