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Sandra Chen Weinstein

War or Peace?
International Art Exhibition


Sandra's work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity, culture, and minorities. Sandra is a documentary and fine art photographer, she has lived in Washington, DC. , Japan, Taiwan, China while working at American Agency. Sandra has received numerous distinguished awards, including first place in the Director’s Choice category of Center Awards; Reader’s Collection and international contest winner for National Geographic magazine; first prize in the Open Category of the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards; first prize winner of the Robert Cornelius Portrait Award, and runner-up for the International Conservation Award in Culture. Her work has been featured on the covers and interior pages of European Photography, FotoMazgine Germany, and the American Photography archive book. Weinstein’s work is in several private collections, including that of the Gordon Parks Foundation.


I have always been interested in people and diversity, and my work focuses on documentary photography emphasizing social identity and culture. I am inspired by Magnum Photos and their essays on social, racial, and political subjects, and by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s fleeting candid ‘decisive moment.’ I find people are the most complex and intriguing subject and I think it’s important to document a record that reminds of our past and where our future may lead. Photography is the most effective tool in self-discovery, vision, and communication. The challenge is how to craft our photography in a way that makes real changes and provides the possibility for hope.”—Sandra Chen Weinstein20x20

Graphic Shapes

Sandra Chen Weinstein

United States of America

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