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Marilyn Lowney Johnson

I am an artist who works with photography. I slow down into my own zen like state so that I can look at the world around me in my own way. Some of my photos don't show easily recognizable forms; others do. The photos may present a factual reality, or an illusion to engage your imagination. My goals are to have the viewer slow down and look more than once; to look beyond the surface; to rethink ideas about otherwise ordinary things. I will have done my job if viewers are drawn into the photograph, into the here and now, and feel a renewed interest in the world around them.

Marilyn Lowney Johnson


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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas

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Marilyn Lowney Johnson has assisted in teaching art to young artists for many years in Philadelphia, PA. After submission to international, national, regional, and local juried competitions, her work has been chosen to appear in galleries in Manhattan, NY; Maryland; Virginia; Delaware and Pennsylvania. Her website can be found at:


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