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Jim Resnick

I try to capture the flow of energy on paper. I try not to force anything, but to just let it happen...let it flow on its own. I do pen and ink originals and then produce Gicleé prints from the originals. I get my creative energy from nature and try to let it flow through me onto the paper.

I get my creative energy from nature. I get energized from walking in the forest, sitting next to a waterfall or a beautiful mountain lake, or body surfing in the ocean. I love being in and around water from which I receive artistic energy. I absorb the natural flows and rhythms and try to let them flow through me onto the paper.

I almost always listen to music when I draw, which helps me get into the flow. I generally don't have a plan when I draw. When I start to see something I accentuate the feeling until it starts to work. I never really know where my drawings will end up. I like to turn the paper as I draw to make it work from all angles. I learned this from carving stone, which you constantly turn as you work on it.

Jim Resnick


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Gaithersburg, Maryland

Big Bang Black Hole
Don't Stare at the Sun

Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


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I graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Maryland in 1977. I have had one man shows, won multiple awards in juried shows, and have had my work published in art magazines and art books.


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