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Felicia Reed

I started working with silk and wool fibers to make wraps and scarves using wet felting techniques as a way to heal from trauma and abuse. After taking a half day class and making my first wrap, I soon began making more wraps. As I worked with the fibers, I could feel the energy and see different images appear. The work was calming and yet exciting to anticipate what each wrap would yield as no two are alike. Today, I make wraps that are infused with essential oils, tree resins, flower stems and blooms, small pebbles, tree leaves and any object that may resonate with me. There is no sewing in the ancient technique of felting and every strand is laid by hand and agitated by hand rolling or drying. I realized that energy from this sacred clearing being done and the use of the materials was being transferred as I wore my wraps. Therefore, I call them "Healing Wraps" and share them with others who are in need.

The Healing Wraps are wearable art pieces that feel wonderful to adorn. I use the Healing Wraps in my wellness and coaching work to assist individuals with feeling safe and assured that everything is okay. Swaddling creates a feeling of protection. The technique has proven effective time and time again. Art truly does heal.

Felicia Reed


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Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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Felicia Reed is a Certified Life, Spiritual and Christian Coach, Advocate, Mastermind Team Leader, Artist, Speaker, Healer and Quality Professional. She is an award winning fiber artist using art as a modality to support others on their healing journeys. Ms. Reed works with survivors of abuse, trauma and difficult life events.


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