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Ali Rastegar

During these years many Iran's major inland Lakes and Rivers have dried up. Bakhtegan Lake, the second largest inland lake and one of the most important migratory birds' habitat in Iran, has become completely dry and literally turned into a salt lake since many years ago due to various reasons including constructed dam(s) on the feeding Kur river, significantly reduced rainfalls, drought, etc.

The conceptual artist, Ali Rastegar, with more than two decades of activities background in arts who was grown up and lived in Shiraz near this phenomenal lake, decided to do an art performance at the location of dried lake in order to raise the public's awareness and attract attention from local authorities, media agencies, and the community to this environmental catastrophe the performance titled 5325 which refers to the geographical location of the lake on a map located in southern Iran. Although swimming the length of a lake or sea to raise awareness of environmental impacts is not a new concept in the world, but swimming in the salt lake without any water , may be considered as a new idea of it's own category.

Hence, creating a media's headline titled "A performance artist aims to swim dried Bakhtegan Lake with distance of 80km" will present a bitter irony with a chance of attracting more attention to this disastrous phenomenon This performance was carried out by the artist and his passionate team of 4 people within 3 days from November13,2019 until November15, 2019
A fish tank with dimensions of 2.5 x 0.7 x 0.6m was transported, installed and filled with water on site (lake's central location) and the artist performed on the spot swimming in the tank with continuation of 3/5 hours each day. many presses and newspapers covered that event and after one month the Iranian’s minister of road and transportation traveled to that region and ordered them to release a portion of the lake's water from behind the dam.

Ali Rastegar


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Save Our Oceans, Save Our Seas


Miracle at Katakombe performnce art, 2002 Kerman, Iran
Me and myself, performance art, 2003 Kerman, Iran
Hungry man and Onion,assistant at performance art, 2003,3rd Iranian conceptual art, Tehran,Iran
Solo Painting Exhibition “Requiem for Persian cats” at Seyhoun Art Gallery,Tehran,Iran , May 2008
Solo painting exhibition “Anis-o-Dollah report from Mars” at Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, July 2010
Solo Painting Exhibition “You & Me, We, He & Again We” at Mah Art Gallery,Feb. 2015
5325, Performance art and Environment art 2019 , Bakhtegan Lake, Fars province


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