Naza McFarren

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(June 2020)

Some of my subjects are the human figure and endangered species. Most of my artworks are oil on canvas. However, recently I have been creating my art using the computer, so that I can dedicate more time to the abstraction than to the realistic part.

Naza McFarren


Naza McFarren

Hollywood, FL

Poor World
Riding Corona
Mother Ocean  #4.jpg

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I am a Brazilian-American Artist. My style is Abstracted Realism. I have exhibited my art at museums and galleries in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Panama, Spain, and France. I have won many awards, but the accomplishments that I am most proud of are exhibiting at the Sao Paulo Museum of Art - MASP; having my art included in the set of two art books by Edson Queiroz Foundation that display 500 years of art in Brazil at UNIFOR (University of Fortaleza); the fact that President Obama�s Staff asked me to do the painting that he presented the Brazilian President in 2011; and a published biography written by Journalist Suzane Jales.