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Tammy Brown

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(July 2020)

Since childhood, I have been most content when outdoors or creating something. My passions have come together in my paintings which are most often based on my experiences with nature. In my landscape work, I intend to convey connection to a specific place and to describe the specific moment in time as I see and feel it. I am especially drawn to painting skies, trees, and birds. My paintings are usually based on memory and photographs I have taken but also represent my internal world and emotional life. They vary from Impressionistic to abstract in style. My recent work reflects my experience of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.

Tammy Brown

United States

Austin, Texas

A Life and Death Divide
Covid and Me
Gone Viral

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Tammy Brown is a Texas artist. She graduated from UT Austin with a BA in English, then completed two more years of art, design, and art history. She has studied painting and drawing with many artists and teachers in Austin, the US, and internationally. Her work can be seen in galleries and businesses around Central Texas, and in private collections in the US.
Her hobbies include birding, photography, and observing nature. She shares her paintings and photography and writes about her life at �Little Piney,� her Bastrop home, at


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