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Marilyn Helsenrott Hochhauser

Pandemic, The Light Therein

(July 2020)

This pandemic began over 3 months ago, I felt that it became necessary for me to explore nature and beauty with my desire to help share my feelings. Due to the current world problems of disease, and what seems like an inability to move forward, I wanted to express my unnerving fear and horrible fright, to this never before world situation that all humanity faces. To date, the world does not know the consequences of this virus.

This situation has influenced me to search for an inner emotion to help and quiet my outer emotions. I felt that the beauty of flowers that nature has bestowed on humanity, seen through the digital medium, would help sooth my mind and others, to feel safe and to get more pleasure through this difficult time.

Marilyn Helsenrott Hochhauser

United States

Goleta, California


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As a woman and a visual artist for over 90 years it has been my passion to break away from conventional concepts to create art. Working from realism to abstraction, sculpture, painting, drawing and papermaking, incorporating a vast variety of materials, style and subject matter I have expressed my inner creative expression. My art speaks directly to the emotions of human experience in a world that is both wonderful and terrorizing.


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