Warren Jackson

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My inspiration to create art began with the blessing to recognize the skills of artistry at a very early age, and copying my older brother's artwork at 5 years old.  My interest in art was cultivated by Georgia Jessup and her daughter,  cousins of mine during my Middle and High school years. My work was commissioned to paint a couple of Murals over baptism pools. The Avant Garde gallery, P.Street gallery, Pepco Edison gallery, Art League gallery, Touchstone gallery, Children Hospital exhibition, Hill Center gallery, the Art & Cultural Heritage Division of MD-National Park. Solo exhibition at Atkinson-O'Rourke gallery,  and  (three Juror's Choice Awards ) at Montpellier Art Center gallery, and exhibted at Latham & Watkins Law firm.



I dictate visual language relating specifically to realist paintings implying order and arrangements to produce competent works of visual response.

-Warren Jackson

Washington, District of Columbia

The Look of Innocence

The Look of Innocence

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop

The Wait

The Wait


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