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Gloria "Tarasca" Valdes

Artist's Bio

Gloria is a self-taught visual artist. She has been painting for many years. She enjoys painting different themes such as portraits, landscapes, nudes, magical reality, among many other themes. She enjoys experimenting with different styles, colors and shapes. Even though she did not go to art school, she considers herself a very lucky person, because she was able to share her artwork in many important places and her artwork has won several art competitions.



For Gloria to decide who to paint is not an easy task. First, when she becomes interested in painting someone, she does a lot of research on that person. On many other occasions she hears stories from unknown people and then she has to be sure that the information is true in order not to make the mistake of painting someone who didn't deserve the credit. Once she has everything ready, she begins to think about which photographs to use, which colors to use and how to plan the painting.

-Gloria "Tarasca" Valdes

Vienna, Virginia

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