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Stefanie Stark

Artist's Bio

Growing up, Stefanie was surrounded by art in her Washington, DC home. As a child, Stefanie's loved to paint and art was her favorite subject in school.

Despite her passion to create, it took decades before painting as an adult became her major focus. Careers in social work and journalism came first. Then, in 2010, she needed a complete break. Leaving her husband and children behind, she went on a week-long retreat. In a meditation class, a teacher asked Stefanie to write a letter to herself stating something she wanted to do in life. The teacher collected the letter and said she'd mail it to Stefanie in six months. It arrived as promised, and it read: "Buy an easel and paints."

Finally, in 2017, Stefanie started taking an abstract painting class and hasn't looked back. She now paints as much as she can and gets lost for hours in the creative process, ignoring hunger pains or bedtimes because the work needs more and her hands, heart and thoughts are with it.



There's no age limit on taking risks and trying new things (even skydiving!).

These works celebrate enjoying life and having fun no matter your age. Grandma Ethel is a proper lady despite her built-in sass. She rides in style, reminding us that girls of all ages want to have fun. Reaching your 100th birthday calls for a party. Incorporating gold paint to mark a gilded century, this work is about celebrating life and years gone by.

-Stephanie Stark

Bethesda, Maryland

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