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Kasey Short

Artist's Bio

Kasey Short is a 31 year old artist, wife, and mother of two beautiful children.  She is from Coal City, WV, and now resides in Beckley, West Virginia where she specializes in home design and flipping houses with her husband.  Passionate about art from a young age, she began working with acrylics in high school.  She painted numerous large-scale murals and began to develop her love for portrait painting.  Her freshman year, she completed the rising star program at SCAD, and after graduating from Independence High School in 2004, she spent time in St Louis, Missouri painting murals and commissioned artwork.  She went on to graduate from Concord University with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art.  She has had her work on display at Tamarack Art Gallery, The Greenbrier Resort, and has participated in many other art exhibits throughout WV.  She continues to pursue her passion through doing commission artwork but also focuses on creating a body of artwork that is unique to her own style.
She devotes time each week teaching art to local junior high and high school students in the community.



I create art because I must.  It is simply who I am. Life has taught me to look for beauty among brokenness; among realness and imperfection, among the most seemingly simple things.  Real things. The way the light falls on my daughter’s tiny face.  The eyes of my grandfather-so familiar-yet so full of love and light, full of years of wisdom and compassion.  My father’s hands-tired and worn-because of years of sacrifice and hard work dedicated to providing for his family.
In art (as in life) beauty happens when we release control...when we allow the paint to flow where it may, and we allow ourselves to truly feel. In 2018, my hope is that my artwork will be more than just some paint on a canvas-skillfully manipulated-pleasing to the eye. But that it would capture the beauty in the broken, the mundane, the familiar- and that those who view my work would see ordinary subject matter in a most extraordinary way.  

-Kasey Short

Beckley, West Virginia

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