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Shirley Rush

Artist's Bio

Color always dominated my life.  As a teenager I was fortunate to live and study in Germany.  My desire to learn was so strong school administrators altered my classes to give me more art time.  Upon returning stateside, art became secondary to necessity.  Life was one of traveling work.  Careers varied but I was always influenced by color.  My lessons learned...many.  These are the things that make a person.  Upon retiring, I moved to a lovely small beach town.  I was passionate about making art a primary life style.



As a teenager living in Germany, I was afforded an amazing opportunity.  Through my love of art I was invited to attend the Frankfurt International Schule.  The study was intense and intimidating and I loved every minute.  I was introduced to the German Master who continue to influence me.  In addition, I studied Wildlife art.  To this day Wildlife art remains my first love.  Like so many artists, life became a necessity and it was many years before I could once again take up a brush.  Techniques had changed a bit but through hard work and persistence, I succeeded and can see "ME" peeking through my acrylic paintings.  The joy that encompasses my total self when shadows on a canvas become alive with color guides me.

-Shirley Rush

Colonial Beach, Virginia

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