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Karl Rudd

Artist's Bio

Karl Rudd was born and raised in North Carolina. His love of photography began in the 1970’s while a student at N.C. Central University where he photographed sporting events, and subjects including Muhammad Ali, Alex Haley, and Louis Farrakhan. He now resides in Upper Marlboro, Maryland where he operates his photography business, and is currently working on a pictorial collection called “Stones of Hope”.



We all carry within us stories that have helped shape our lives. Most of these stories have images associated with them. Those images, whether captured in the recesses of our minds, or maintained in a wedding album, remind us of some important event, occurrence, or emotion. Those images can range from deeply disturbing to euphoric joy, and photography offers the powerful potential to capture, preserve, and share those times with others, even those yet unborn. Therein lies my love for this art form.

-Karl Rudd

Upper Marlboro, Maryland

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