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Leslie Nesbitt

Artist's Bio

Leslie B. Nesbitt's work illustrates her fascination with color, pattern, and texture   found in systems, both natural and man-made.  This style is present in her work on canvas, walls and furniture. She is a decorative painter/surface design artist. Leslie's rhythm and flow for putting together the unexpected is poetic.  She scrapes, pours, layers, and manipulates paint and plasters onto surfaces to create works that are rich in texture, color and pattern.  Her ability to ability to blend traditional African and European influences integrates a fresh aesthetic interpretation to classic motifs. Leslie is a Washington, DC native, a graduate of Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC and holds a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.


I create imagery and sensations of joy, color movement and harmony.  I work in layers technically, intellectually and spiritually.  I want to astound the viewer with visual intrigue and energize the human spirit.  My mission is simple, I want to illuminate the viewer's spectrum in a kaleidoscope of abstraction between humanity, tragedy and triumph.  A visual play between beauty,  rhythm, and interruption. Using various media and materials, I play games of hide and seek with the viewer. Issues are veiled in the discovery of detail and deceit. Strength and celebration is seen in a variety of patterns and textures. In masking a sense of defeat and despair, the foundation remains strong.

-Leslie Nesbitt

Mitchellville, Maryland

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