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Nicole Brown

Artist's Bio

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Nickie began drawing in her mother’s school books at a very young age. Her mother encouraged her gift by allowing Nickie to draw on a designated wall in the home. She also purchased crayons and watercolor paints for her to explore. “My mom’s encouragement made me free to be an artist.”In her spare time, she enjoys movies, traveling and volunteering as a tutor to female abuse victims and adults with disabilities. “I am passionate about helping others. People respond to me because I see them as people, not as labels society may have given them.


There is an intangible world out there that we can not see nor hear. It is a world where emotional energy and spiritual light run free without the restraints of a physical reality.My work embodies abstract emotions and the light of spiritual essence. We all have energy and light within us. I can see this energy that is difficult to express verbally. I use my artwork to translate this unseen language into colors that clash or dance together in a vibrant array of brush strokes.

Nicole Brown

Washington, District of Columbia

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