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Rashad Muhammad

Artist's Bio

Visual artist, Rashad Ali Muhammad (RAM), currently residing just outside the Nation's capital, offers vibrant, whimsical and innovative visual art. Creating is at the core of who Rashad is, pulling from his background in graphic design, photography, and fine art. He took up his paint brushes in 2016, which he hadn't touched in 8 years and began exploring the canvas again. He has rediscovered his zest for creating visual art and continues to explore and develop his many creative talents. His work can be easily identified by his signature metal leafing and bold color use. Rashad approaches each new project with great enthusiasm for creating, infusing all his talents into each new challenge.



As best put by Kurt Cobain, "They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they're all the same". We weren't born to blend; we were born to stand out. Our differences are so unique and amazing so we can find our way in a world of 7 billion people. When we accept ourselves and discover what we soar at, we not only find our road in life but we stand out!

I strive to celebrate people's uniquity. We all have a natural exuberance for life and living it our way and I want to capture that vibrant spirit in my work. Our uniquity goes beyond societal norms of boxing people in to categories based on skin tones, stereotypes, economic status, and so much more. Once we decide to live our truth, unapologetically, that's when we rise to our fullest potential.

-Rashad Muhammad

Clinton, Maryland

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