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Vicki Marckel

Artist's Bio

My artistic career began on the farmlands of Defiance, Ohio painting the local people and places.  In 2005, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts from the Defiance College. As an honors student, I studied art and architecture in Italy and the Netherlands. In order to broaden my abilities and hone my technique, I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in figurative painting from the Academy of Art University in 2012. I strive to capture the intriguing atmosphere of cityscapes and landscapes in my oil paintings, captivated by the plethora of architectural details and energy of figures in their environment.  My work is found in private and public collections, museums, and galleries national and internationally. In 2015, the Catholic Coalition of the archbishops commissioned my work as a gift to Pope Francis during his visit to the United State.  My work has also inspired me to teach painting in a variety of environments, including high schools, colleges, and galleries.



Painting challenges me to let go of the idea of perfection and explore my own sensitivity to contrasting environments.  My work illuminates the interplay of light and shadow, and striking color contrast. My goal is to translate my experiences to the viewer, not just generate a copy of the landscape, so they can feel the same enthusiasm and excitement to the scene. Shadows have become a prominent feature within my work, utilized to construct contrast as a means to help intensify the composition and highlight a particular moment. Viewers are drawn to my work due to the strong diagonal edges created by a vibrant color medley leading to a strong focal point. Thick applications of paint with a pallet knife in select areas of the composition are fashioned to add an extra layer of depth to the atmospheric perspective within the work. All these elements employ a seamlessly picturesque scene. I selectively simplify the plethora of stimuli of this environment to create clarity and focus within my work.

-Vicki Marckel

Newburg, Maryland

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