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Min Lo

Artist's Bio

I was born in Penang and had been interested in painting since I was a child.  However, I hardly received any formal art training until I furthered my studies in United States. My main interests are in portraiture and figurative paintings. I have been actively involving in teaching profession since I returned to Malaysia in 1999. I have gained valuable teaching experiences in these schools: Institute of Advertising Communication Training in Petaling Jaya, Intec College in Penang, Equator Academy of Art in Penang, Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and KDU University College Sdn Bhd in Selangor.  My specialist is in teaching Arts and Design subjects including Visual Studies, Illustration, Drawing and Colour Studies.


Since I returned Malaysia after graduation, I was fascinated with Peranakan culture. This series of works gives me the opportunities to express this colorful culture —Peranakan Chinese. Through various media, I can praise the beauty of the Peranakan culture through still life objects like batik sarong, and the design of the Peranakan interior and exterior designs.

-Min Lo

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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