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Yan Kong

Artist's Bio

I was born 1948 in China. I came to the United States for a college education from Hong Kong in January 1967 when there were much political unrest in the British Colony.   I received a full scholarship at Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh, New York to study Biology. After graduation in 1971 I worked as a hospital technician and upon receiving a Green Card from the hospital’s sponsorship in 1977 I quit my job to explore art.

I learn to paint by visiting museums.  I was conservative in my taste of art in the late 70s. My inspirations had been works from Jardin and Gorot, and later on Bonnard and Matisse.  In the late 80s I met artists like Larry Poons and Francine Tint who had inspired me into works of abstractions. In 1998 I co-founded the Asian American Women Artists Alliance and became the Executive Director of AAWAA.  I retired from AAWAA in 2012 to concentrate on my own artwork.  Visit


Art has always been, for me, a visual experimentation where the process of making is a fearless journey unto the unknown. The satisfactions come by discoveries, surprises and taking chances.  As if learning a new language the artist uses ideas, colors, sounds, visuals to arrange phrases and sentences to create communications and poetry.

-Yan Kong

Brooklyn, New York

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