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Daniel Kathalynas

Artist's Bio

Daniel Kathalynas was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1971.  He received outstanding art awards since he was a child in juried scholastic exhibits in Scranton.  Daniel began taking accelerated college art classes while still in high school and graduated from Keystone College for Fine Art in 1992.  Living in NYC from 1992 - 2007, Kathalynas exhibited his artwork and music throughout his time there.  Today, Kathalynas is the resident artist at the Norfolk Botanical Garden and a former resident artist of the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, VA.  Kathalynas has exhibited in NYC, Rome, Tokyo, and Washington, DC.  He teaches painting, guitar performance, and meditation throughout the Hampton Roads area in Virginia.



The method I have created over the years begins in a silent-mind meditation.  I then allow the first higher thought that enters my mind to forge the direction of the artwork.  I call this process “First Thought Creation”.  I have no expected outcome of the work.  Essentially, I am just the listener.  I look to observe Synchronicity from the largest events to the tiniest detail which informs my art making.  To me, the artwork means nothing.  What it evokes means everything.

-Daniel Kathalynas

Norfolk, Virginia

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