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Karen Julihn

Artist's Bio

My art is still evolving. I like bold color. Recently, my interest has turned to adding texture and pattern.  Some of my ideas begin with a simple subject, like leaves, and sometimes I get carried away with the detail and the painting is more complicated. From start to finish, each piece seems to take me in a new direction.


I have studied art through VCU and independently with professional artists. 
My undergraduate degree is from Syracuse University and my Master's work in education was completed at George Mason University. An award winning artist, I show my work locally in Fredericksburg and Richmond, and am a member artist at Brush Strokes Gallery in Fredericksburg, where I live with my husband, Larry.



I think painting is like problem solving. Although I can't always fix a problem, I can always start a new painting.  It's like creating a new beginning, hopefully, with a positive outcome!  So often I start with an idea that just sticks in my head until I put it down on canvas.  The joy comes when the I am surprised by the new direction my painting takes me.  Sometimes everything is in focus and sometimes it isn't..that is how my painting resembles life.

-Karen Julihn

Fredericksburg, Virginia

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