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James Brown, Jr.

Artist’s Bio

James Brown, Jr., is a mix medium textile fiber artist.Brown’s earliest influence was his parents, both worked with textiles.His father was an Upholster and Interior Designer. His Mother was a Milliner.  Brown was further exposed to a universe of textiles while working in the Garment District.  Brown received his MFA in watercolor, from Howard University in 1986.  He began experimenting in several forms of textile art, stitching, applique, embroidery, silk painting and felting.In 2012.


Brown was chosen as one of 10 artist 62 and over in the District and NYC to participate in a project called “ArtCart: Cherishing The Legacy”. This project allowed documentation of each artists life’s work. The year-long data collection with an interns help was housed and continues to be archived at Columbia University’s open source archive, Academic Commons. Just to name a few of the recipients: Akili Ron Anderson, Lillian Burwell, Betty Bayton, Alonzo Davis, and Michael Cumming.  The project’s final commitment was an exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Gallery 31.



As spiritual beings we are connected to the universe. We all think on many different levels at once, from the profound to the mundane. Creating with an organic wool fiber is a connection with the universe.  My ancestors are forever present reminding me of my peoples’ struggle for freedom of self-expression, especially today.

- James Brown, Jr.

Washington, District of Columbia

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