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Niomi Gibson

Artist’s Bio

Niomi D. Gibson is an all-around artist who explores her creativity in painting, sculpting, photography, poetry, jewelry, hat making, and homemade cosmetics. Though her roots are Jamaican, Niomi was born in South Florida in June of 1981. Niomi has never received any formal training for her artwork yet has been a creative soul since childhood. As a child her mother took her to arts & craft stores as if they were toy stores. Gibson started painting as a child and put down her brush to live out the trials of everyday life. It wasn’t until Niomi suffered great tragedy that she picked up her brush again.


Her artwork has served as an outlet for the depressive states she often experiences. With Gibson’s gift of art and her background in the psychological field, she intends on sharing this expression as therapy for others who suffer from mental anxiety as well. Gibson isn’t bound to one style or media, though oil is her favorite because of the smooth blending. She enjoys using different mediums to create an original collection of images, color, and texture. She enjoys painting images of her hidden emotions, to her, texture is life.



This collection is inspired by the three women who raised me: my grandmother, my mother, and my aunt and all of those I have come to love in life.  Through life and death, my grandmother has continued to inspire me reminding me of what is to be a classic woman lost in a modern world.  My grandmother was always proud and held her head high as if she was royalty.  This taught me that there was more in my veins.  I was the queen and though I had crossed oceans and gave children the fruit life, I too was a powerful woman.

- Niomi Gibson

Alexandria, Virginia

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