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Saheed Fawehinmi

Artist’s Bio

As an artist, I subconsciously feed off the universe’s energy to create that which I feel resonates with people. For me personally, striving to capture the emotion, core, essence of something/ someone that already exists or from pure imagination is very exciting and is the driving force as to why I create daily.


My goal as an artist each and every day is to create meaningful artworks using various platforms, to connect with people of all colors around the globe, as well as inspire in any way imaginable.When you reach a point where it becomes an easy supplement for satisfying your physical hunger, when you forget how hungry you were a few seconds ago, when it becomes a thirst quencher, when it skyrockets your mind into another space and is well beyond human grasp, that's passion, that’s what Art is to me.



I was created and blessed by the most high to be creative, so I live with a purpose and intention to be creative.

- Saheed Fawehinmi

Laurel, Maryland

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